HWGA Play Day Schedule

HWGA Play Days – General Information

HWGA Play Days will be a 9:00 am Shotgun during the months of September, October, November, December,  April and May.  HWGA Play Day start time during the months of January, February and March may be 9:00 am, 9:30 am or 10:00 am depending upon weather forecast.   Please check with the Pro Shop or the website for exact starting times to be locked down by 4:00 pm on the Tuesday preceding play. 


You may sign up for weekly play by scrolling down to the specific Play Day on the schedule below and send an email to Amanda Varga’s email address avarga03@aol.com to let her know you want to play OR you may call the Golf Pro Shop directly to let them know you would like to play. Sign up must be complete by 4 pm on Tuesdays.  All members who sign up after this deadline will be able to play, however, will not be guaranteed to play in a foursome and may have to follow the field depending upon the event.

Sign-up sheets for special events and major tournaments will be posted in advance and located on the HWGA Bulletin Board located in the hallway outside the Ladies Locker Room.  It is the member’s responsibility to check this location for news, announcements and information.

Where noted “Luncheon” on calendar, there will be a charge added to your club account for lunch.

For all events, cart fees will be added to your club account except for members with private carts.

HWGA Play Day Schedule

September 2012 (Shotgun Start at 9:00 am)

Sept 13 – Opening Play Day Step Aside Scramble – ABCD pairings no handicaps. Chaired by HWGA Board. Luncheon, Prizes, MEETING. 

Sept 20 – Alternate Shot – Two person teams. Select the driver for odd or even holes on 1st tee. Random Pairings. 

Sept 27 – Net Game 3-2-1.  Three net balls on 1st six holes, 2 net balls on 2nd six holes, 1 net ball on the last six holes.  Make Your Own Foursome

October 2012 (Shotgun Start at 9:00 am)

Oct 3&4 – Club Championship (Gross & Net) – Run by HCC Golf Shop

Oct 11 P –  Gross & Net – Flights. (Score eligible for President’s Cup)

Oct 18  –  T & F’s – Record total gross & net scores on holes beginning with “T” or “F”.  Random Pairings

Oct 25 – HWGA Halloween Invitational, Two Best Ball Gross or Net of the Foursome – Chairs Jeanne Henderson & Diane Dello Russo.  9:00 AM Shotgun.  Lunch & Prizes included in Tournament Fee.

Note:  Golf Course Overseed Scheduled for October 30th & 31st

November 2012 (Shotgun Start at 9:00 am)

Nov  1 – (Heathrow Closed for Over Seeding)  Possible Road Trip TBD. 

Nov  8 – 1st Round Eclectic (net) – Make Your Own Foursome. 

Nov 15 – 2nd Round Eclectic (net) – Random Pairings

Nov 22 – Happy Thanksgiving – NO PLAY.

Nov 29 – Member Member Tournament.  Gross & Net.  Flights.  Chairs Kay Corum & Patty Donohue.  Lunch & Prizes.

December 2012 (Shotgun Start at 9:00 am)

Dec  6 P – Low Putts – Flights.  (Score Eligible for President’s Cup).    

Dec 13 – Holiday Scramble & Party – ABCD pairings.  Chair Donna Wehner & Lynne Svoboda. Luncheon, Prizes and Fun!    

Dec 20 – NO PLAY 

Dec 27 – NO PLAY

January 2013 (Shotgun Start at 9:00 am unless noted otherwise under specific Play Date)

Jan   3 – NO PLAY

Jan 10 – Odd holes, half handicap. ABCD pairings.   

Jan 17 – Gross & Net – Flights   

Jan 24 – Quota Points – Random Pairings.  Deduct handicap from 36, that equals your quota.  Score 1 pt Bogey, 2 pts Par, 4 pts Bird, 8 pts Eagle.  MEETING.  

Jan 31 – Best Net ball of the cart.  Make your own foursome. 

February 2013 (Shotgun Start at 9:00 am unless noted otherwise under specific Play Date)

Feb   7 – Even holes, half handicap. ABCD pairings. 

Feb 14 – Nassau – Front, back, overall, gross & net.  Random pairings.  

Feb 21 P – Gross & Net – Flights (Score eligible for President’s Cup).  

Feb 28 – Four of Clubs and your Putter, choose four clubs to play your round (plus your putter), leave other clubs in the car –  Make your own foursome.     

March 2013 (Shotgun Start at 9:00 am unless noted otherwise under specific Play Date)

Mar  7 – Match Color On Bottom of Flag Stick – Each player will be assigned a color on their scorecard.  If your color matches the color on the bottom of the flag stick, your score will count for that hole.  ABCD Pairings.

Mar 14 P – Gross & Net – Flights Make your own foursome.(Score eligible for President’s Cup).    

Mar 20 & 21 – Two Day Member Guest.  Chairs TBD.  Tournament Fee.  Lunch and prizes included in the fee.  

Mar 28 – Mutt & Jeff – Net, two person team.  At the end of the round you take the low net score for the long and short holes (Par 5s & Par 3s) for your team score.  Make Your Own Foursome.   

April 2013 (Shotgun Start at 9:00 am)

Apr  4 – Spring Break ROAD TRIP – Travel with the HWGA Ladies to Hammock Dunes Resort and play the Ocean Course. Make Your Own Foursome. 

Apr 11 P – Two best balls of foursome, gross & net.  Flights.  (Score eligible for President’s Cup)

Apr 18 – Nine & Eighteen Holer Step Aside Scramble. ABCD Pairings. Chair HWGA Board.  Lunch follows play.   

Apr 25 –  Stableford net – Eagle=4, Bird=3, Par=2, Bogey=1  Random pairings.

May 2013 (Shotgun Start at 9:00 am)

May  2 – HWGA Pro Am Scramble. Make your own foursome. 

May  9 – Three Blind Mice Times 2 – six unknown holes will be selected by the Pro Shop.  Record scores on these holes for gross and net. Random Pairings.

May 16 – Closing Day Scramble, ABCD Pairings – Chairs Diana Ludwig & Donna Edwards. Luncheon, Prizes, MEETING.  ABCD pairings.