Rules and Play Day Policies


  • USGA rules shall govern all play except where amended by local rules sheet
  • Embedded ball rule in effect through the green.
  • Out-of-bounds is defined by white stakes and the inside edge of roads with curbs and any residential roadways.
  • Free drop from the following obstructions (one club length, no nearer the hole):

* Water control boxes                        * Light poles

* Sprinkler heads                               * Cart paths

* Water drains                                     * Staked trees & support wire 

  • No relief is given to flower beds of mulched areas.
  • No relief is given from stone walls at Holes #3 & #12.
  • All new sod and construction tree wells are designated ground under repair.
  • The allowance of distance measuring devices, including GPS-based systems and laser range finders during competitions is permitted.  Such devices may be used to measure distance only and may not be used to measure any other condition, such as wind or slope, which might affect play.



  1.  USGA rules shall govern all play.  Check with the Pro Shop for local rules and when Summer and Winter rules are in effect.
  2. Any player found to be abusing golf rules, etiquette, or displaying conduct that is detrimental to the objectives of HWGA, should be reported to the Review Committee in writing addressed to the Chairwoman.  Such behavior will be given a warning letter.  The second incident may result in dismissal from the organization.
  3. Pairings are subject to change.
  4. The RED tees will be used for all HWGA events.  However, senior members (age 70 or older) and those members with valid medical reason, may play from the RED/GREEN tees.  Senior members must declare at the beginning of the season which tees they will play and in all cases handicaps will be adjusted accordingly per course rating and slope. 
  5. A sign-up sheet for the following week will be located on the HWGA bulletin board in the hallway outside the Ladies’ Locker Room.  You may also sign up in the Pro Shop.  You must cancel in the Pro Shop by Noon on Wednesday prior to play.
  6. Scorecards must be turned into the Pro Shop, signed and attested with the correct date and the players’ names written legibly.  Make sure all scores are totaled correctly for that week’s game.

  7. In the event of ties, winners will be determined by matching cards on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes.  If the tying players have the same score  for the last nine, winners will be determined on the basis of the last six holes, last three holes, and finally the eighteenth hole.  When this method is used in a competition with a multiple tee start, the “last nine holes, last six holes, last three holes, and the final hole” is considered to be holes 10-18, 13-18, 16-18, and 18.


               Course handicap          Max No. Posted on Any Hole

                        9 or less                      Double Bogey

                      10 through 19                  7

                      20 through 29                  8

                      30 through 39                  9

                                 40 +                                  10

  8. You must pick up after reaching 10 strokes unless your score is to be submitted as an eligible President’s Cup round. (See President’s Cup Rules on page 15) Ten (10) is our maximum score per hole allowed in HWGA weekly events.  The “10” will count as both gross and net for that hole, or as stated for that week’s    game. Use the preceding USGA chart to adjust our score for posting purposes.
  9. Slower golfers should always let faster players through.  If there is one hole open in front of you, please let the group behind play through or BREAK UP INTO TWOSOMES.
  10. No non-members on play days, except designated special events.
  11. A field of 10 or more HWGA players shall meet the requirements for a tournament Play Day.
  12. It is the member’s responsibility to call the Pro Shop when play is doubtful because of weather.
  13. It is the member’s responsibility to check the Bulletin  Board in the hallway outside the Ladies’ Locker Room, or check with the Pro Shop, for sign-up sheets and information  concerning golf events and news.
  14. If in doubt of a rule, play two balls through the green and get a ruling from the Pro Shop officials, Rules or Tournament Chairpersons or before signing the scorecard.