Board of Directors

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the 2012-2014 HWGA Board of Directors.  Each of us is excited about the upcoming season and look forward to another exciting year of Thursday Play Days and Special Events for our members.  

As your Board, our collective goal is to ensure we provide a rich and enjoyable golf experience for our members while demonstrating our commitment to establishing the HWGA as one of the finest women’s association the Orlando area has to offer!


President – Bev Logan




Bev and her husband, John, have been residents of Heathrow since 1996.  Both are avid golfers and joined Heathrow Country Club immediately enjoying all of the services the club has to offer.  Beverly has been a member of HWGA for 15 years.

Bev’s responsibilities are to ensure the HWGA stays true to it’s mission of providing a spirit of fellowship, sportsmanship and fun among all of the Association members.  Additionally, she provides general supervision and authority over the affairs of the HWGA.

Vice President – Linda Rinner






Linda has been a member of the Country Club of Heathrow since 1990.  Linda started playing golf 10 years ago mostly to please her husband, Rick, for whom golf is an obsession.  As luck would have it, golf became an obsession for her as well.

The HWGA Vice President, is responsible for administration of all Invitationals to which HWGA members are solicited and presides over all meeting affairs in the absence of the President.

Secretary – Debby Curcio




Debby and her husband, Gene, have been members of Heathrow Country Club since moving here from Pittsburgh in 2003.  Debby has enjoyed being part of HWGA for 9 years.

As HWGA Secretary, Debby’s responsibilities include keeping our members informed regarding upcoming events and general record keeping for all the Board and General Membership meetings of the Association.

Treasurer – Gale Hillenmeyer






Gale and her husband, John, have been members of Heathrow since 1992.  Gale began as a tennis player but soon joined John on the golf course.  she has been a board member of HWGA several times as president and treasurer. 

The HWGA Treasurer is responsible for developing and maintaining the annual HWGA budget, administering and collecting dues and fees associated with all special tournament events.  Interfacing with the Heathrow Country Club’s Finance staff on all matters related to HWGA billings and account maintenance.  Additionally, the Treasurer reports out on the financial conditions of the Association at all General Membership Meetings.

Tournament Chairwoman – Amanda Varga




Amanda and Mark moved to Heathrow and joined the country club at the same time in 2006.  Golf plays a big role in their lives.  They enjoy playing together in Sunday Couple’s golf or individually with their friends.  Amanda began playing golf at Heathrow with the 9 hole group and moved to the 18 hole group in 2009.

The Tournament Chairperson shall plan and conduct weekly tournament competition and will coordinate same with the club Golf Staff. This person may appoint an assistant to help with these responsibilities. They will develop all tournament schedules, post weekly winners, and with the assistance of the Treasurer, award prizes. Weekly sweeps will be paid to 1/3 of the playing field. Format may dictate rounding down. This person shall be responsible for posting weekly winners as well as status of President’s Cup competition.